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Wukong was born a 'Laros', a sage from the planet Etanus, but raised amongst the Huahn. He became best friends with Feng Mao, who grew up to be an elder of the Huahn. He is bright and positive and likes to pull pranks and socialize. He seeks to recover Feng Mao's lost memories of their childhood together and to find the ancient Huahn text, 'The Book of Huahn'.

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TPS Action MOBA Paragon: The Overprime

Paragon: The Overprime is a TPS action MOBA that anyone can play for free. Choose one of the heroes with original skills, destroy the enemy base and claim it for yourself. Experience the synesthetic actions from the third person view and the countless possible strategies from the synergy between heroes and items in the game.

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Overprime Battlefield

Every hero came to Prime for their own reasons. Play the hero of your choice on the Prime battlefield. Upgrade your hero's unique skills to improve your game and master the game in your own way. And don't forget that Prime is attracting more and more original heroes to the planet.

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Strategic team collaboration

The tension on the planet is increasing. You can only rely on your teammates. Try different sets by customizing different items to make your hero invincible. Cooperate with your teammates to discover new, ingenious combat methods. Unite and strategically lead your team to victory!

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1/19 Update Note Details

Greetings, Warriors! It's Paragon: The Overprime. Here are the details regarding the patch that will be applied at the start of the update to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. [Read more]

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Paragon: The Overprime is a free team-based TPS Action MOBA. Choose one of the many powerful heroes with unique skills and work with your teammates to conquer the Prime battlefield. Speed across the battlefield with the heroes of Prime and feel the thrill of the action.

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