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1/19 Update Note Details

Greetings, Warriors! It's Paragon: The Overprime.

Here are the details regarding the patch that will be applied at the start of the update to ensure the best possible gameplay experience.

Please see below for details.

1/19 Update Note
New Hero Wukong Added

New Hero Wukong Added

Hero Introduction [Link]

6 New Skins Added
Muriel, Sparrow, Twinblast enter image description here

Wukong, Serath, Dekker enter image description here

Sale of Winter Holiday Skins Ends
No longer available after maintenance on January 19th, 2023
*Skins may be sold again at a later date.

Balance Changes
Kill / Assist EXP Gain Adjusted

  • Before: 25%
  • Now: 20%

Dev Comments
EXP Gain Rate and Sprint Mode have been heavily impacting the outcome of games.
Because of the high EXP gain from enemy Hero kills and assists, players have been frequently sprinting to lanes to fight and then quickly return to their lanes.
We believe that the ability of teammates to quickly participate in fights has been too impactful on the outcome of the game, so the EXP gain from kills and assists has been decreased slightly.

Sprint Mode Movement Speed Adjusted

  • Before: 30%
  • Now: 20%

Dev Comments
Sprint Mode can be used to quickly travel to and from other lanes, allowing for minimal T-on loss when leaving lane.
It has also been very difficult for Heroes to deal with enemies sprinting into the lane during the laning phase.
Sprint speed has been adjusted so that it takes longer to travel to and from other lanes.

Portal (Gate) Cooldown Adjusted

  • Before: 1 min
  • Now: 2 min

Dev Comments
Duo Lane heroes have been pressured by enemies Heroes that can quickly join fights due to the short cooldown of the portals.
It has been very difficult to deal with the uneven fights created by portals and it has had too much of an impact on the outcome of the game.
Portal cooldown has been adjusted so players can focus more on the laning phase.

T-on Balance Changes
1. T-on Movement Speed adjusted

  • Before: 560
  • Now: 615

Dev Comments
Because of the slow T-on Movement Speed, the loss of T-ons was minimal even when helping other lanes and returning.
T-on Movement Speed has been adjusted to put more emphasis on the lane.

2. T-on damage to other T-ons

  • Before: Melee (200%) / Ranged (100%) / Siege (100%)
  • Now: Melee (400%) / Ranged (200%) / Siege (200%)

Dev Comments
Because of the low amount of damage dealt by T-ons to other T-ons, players wouldn't lose many T-ons even after leaving and returning to a lane.
To put more emphasis on laning, T-on damage dealt to other T-ons has been increased so that T-ons do not accumulate or stay alive too long.

3. T-on Execution HP Ratio Adjusted

  • Before: 30%
  • Now: 35%

Dev Comments
Due to the damage output adjustment for T-ons, it has gotten harder for players to time the last hit.
In response to this change, Execution's HP ratio has been slightly increased.

4. Super / Siege T-on size increased by 20%

Dev Comments
Super and Siege T-ons were hard to distinguish as they were too small, making it look like they weren't very important.
Their size has been increased to make them look more important.

5. Super T-on weapon glow

Dev Comments
Super T-on weapons now glow so they intuitively look more important.

Tower Balance Changes

  • All building damage increased by 10%

Dev Comments
Towers have not been effective in keeping Heroes safe.
It has been hard for players to deal with enemies Heroes with defensive items that can withstand the low Tower damage and charge in.
Tower damage has been increased so that enemy Heroes will be more cautious of them.

Spirit Buff Adjusted
1. Prime Spirit summon condition changed

  • Before: A random element Prime Spirit would appear every spawn
  • Now: A random element Prime Spirit appears upon the first spawn and that same element Prime Spirit continuously spawns

*Fixed spawn may be changed at a later date.

Dev Comments
Because a random element Prime Spirit would spawn every time, it was not possible to strategize around them.
Prime Spirits now spawn with a fixed element so that strategies can be made based on the element.
For example, the buffs that can be obtained after defeating Prime Spirits also affect items. When the Earth Spirit appears, players can maximize its buff effect by planning and acquiring defense items.

Pendant of Confinement Adjusted
1. Cooldown reduction

  • Before: 15%
  • Now: 10%

2. Max Mana stat removed

3. Item's passive cooldown adjusted

  • Before: 5 sec
  • Now: 10 sec

4. Item's passive Magical Damage adjusted

  • Before: 150
  • Now: 120 (Melee Basic Attack) / 60 (Ranged Basic Attack)

5. Item's Slow Effect Adjusted

  • Before: 30%
  • Now: 30% (Melee Basic Attack) / 15% (Ranged Basic Attack)

6. Item component 'Mana Gemstone' removed

  • Price Before: 2,900
  • Price Now: 2,800

Sweet Life

  1. Max Health adjusted
  • Before: 600
  • Now: 500

2. Item's recovery effect cooldown adjusted

  • Before: 5 sec
  • Now: 20 sec

Dev Comments
The items Sweet Life and Pendant of Confinement had too much of an impact on Caster balance.
The item synergized too well with Heroes with good damage resistance (particularly The Fey, Gadget, and Belica) allowing those Heroes to have very high Defense even as Casters, leading to increased win rates and Hero ban rates.
The biggest problem was the Max Mana stat that allowed them to continuously use skills and utilize the item effect which allowed them to stay in fights.
The item's stats and effects have been adjusted to reduce durability.

Mana Black Hole
Magical Damage Decreased

  • Before: 20%
  • Now: 15%

Dev Comments
The Base Skill Coefficient has been adjusted for Casters. The adjustment decreases their Base Damage at the beginning of the game, so the item's decrease of Magical Damage Taken has also been adjusted.

Caster Hero Base Skill Coefficient Adjusted
Summon Meteor (Q-Skill)

  • Before: 110/160/210/260/310, Coefficient 0.8
  • Now: 95/135/175/215/255, Coefficient 0.95

[The Fey]
Forest's Will (RMB-Skill)

  • Before:
  1. Per Attack - 40/48/56/64/72, Coefficient 0.05
  2. Last Hit - 30/35/40/45/50, Coefficient 0.5
  • Now:
  1. Per Attack - 35/40/45/50/55, Coefficient 0.07
  2. Last Hit - 30/35/40/45/50, Coefficient 0.6

Forest's Wind (Q-Skill)

  • Before: Per Attack - 45/60/75/90/105, Coefficient 0.08
  • Now: Per Attack - 30/40/50/60/70, Coefficient 0.17

Forest's Judgment (R-Skill)

  • Before: 320/410/500, Coefficient 0.6
  • Now: 220/300/380, Coefficient 0.95

Phantom Dance (E-Skill)

  • Before: Per Attack - 20/30/40/50/60, Coefficient 0.25
  • Now: Per Attack - 15/21.25/27.5/33.75/40, Coefficient 0.3

Call of the Goddess (R-Skill)

  • Before:
  1. Large Phantom Wolf: 100/150/200, Coefficient 0.2
  2. Small Phantom Wolf: 30/40/50, Coefficient 0.4
  • Now:
  1. Large Phantom Wolf: 90/120/150, Coefficient 0.1
  2. Small Phantom Wolf: 25/30/35, Coefficient 0.45

Light Flux (E-Skill)

  • Before: 10/14/18/22/26, Coefficient 0.05
  • Now: 8/11/14/17/20, Coefficient 0.065

Suppress (RMB-Skill)

  • Before: 100/160/220/280/340, Coefficient 0.85
  • Now: 80/130/180/230/280, Coefficient 1.0

Super Powerful Missile (Q-Skill)

  • Before: 120/190/260/330/400, Coefficient 0.65
  • Now: 85/125/175/225/275, Coefficient 0.95

Howitzer's Showtime! (R-Skill)

  • Before:
  1. Per Attack - 35/50/65, Coefficient 0.1
  2. Last Hit - 227.5/325/422.5, Coefficient 0.65
  • Now:
  1. Per Attack - 25/35/45, Coefficient 0.1
  2. Last Hit - 200/275/350, Coefficient 1.5

Obsessive Bomb (Q-Skill)

  • Before: 120/190/260/330/400, Coefficient 0.65
  • Now: 70/120/180/240/300, Coefficient 0.9

Magnetic Field (R-Skill)

  • Before: Total - 400/570/750, Coefficient 0.6
  • Now: Total - 250/350/450, Coefficient 0.75

Spin Slash (RMB-Skill)

  • Before: 80/125/170/215/250, Coefficient 0.55
  • Now: 70/100/130/160/190, Coefficient 0.7

Blood Ripple (E-Skill)

  • Before: 115/165/215/315, Coefficient 0.9
  • Now: 95/140/185/230/275, Coefficient 1.0

Thirst (R-Skill)

  • Before: 350/450/550, Coefficient 1.0
  • Now: 300/375/450, Coefficient 1.25

Zero Flag (RMB-Skill)

  • Before: 80/140/200/260/320, Coefficient 0.5
  • Now: 60/105/150/195/240, Coefficient 0.7

Dev Comments
The high Base Damage of Caster Heroes has been causing problems.

  • Casters were able to quickly clear lanes and intervene in other lanes even in the early game
  • Adjusted the item settings to focus on Defensive items instead of Magical Power
    The Base Damage of skills have been lowered and the Coefficient increased, so that Casters are weaker in the early game, but can become stronger in the mid to late game.

Hero Balance Changes
1. Leap Through Time (RMB-Skill)'s Fully-charged Damage Increment Adjusted

  • Before: 50%
  • Now: 30%

Dev Comments
The skill at Level 2 had a high damage output that could kill a T-on instantly, and it enabled the hero to clear the lane notably faster than other heroes.
As a result, using Zena created a huge progress gap between teams from the beginning of the game which could impact the Battle's outcome, so the charged damage increment has been adjusted.

2. Five Stars (R-Skill)'s Base Damage Adjusted

  • Before: 100/200/300
  • Now: 80/160/240

Dev Comments
The skill was used to avoid an enemy's attack in a critical moment, and was also used to deal great damage to an enemy target. Since the skill is capable of doing both, the damage has been adjusted.

1. Glowing Light (E-Skill)'s Shield Amount Adjusted

  • Before: 80/110/140/170/200 Magical Power Coefficient 0.7
  • Now: 70/90/120/150/180 Magical Power Coefficient 0.6

2. Glory of Osyne (RMB-Skill)'s Shield Amount Adjusted

  • Before: 100/140/180/220/260 Magical Power Coefficient 0.7
  • Now: 90/125/160/195/230 Magical Power Coefficient 0.6

3. Glory of Osyne (RMB-Skill)'s Shield and Movement Speed Buff Duration Adjusted
Before: 3 sec/3.25 sec/3.5 sec/3.75 sec/4 sec
Now: 2 sec/2.25 sec/2.5 sec/2.75 sec/3 sec

Dev Comments
Muriel's skills consume less Mana than those of other heroes, which makes her a great hero for inexperienced players.
On top of the Mana advantage, her skills also had longer effect durations and shorter cooldowns, making her staying power too strong. As a result, the Shield's duration has been adjusted.

Savage Heave (Q-Skill)'s Stun Duration Adjusted

  • Before: 2 sec
  • Now: 1.5 sec

Dev Comments
As a Tank, Rampage could continuously use skills and keep engaging in combat.
On top of his long staying power, his Stun effect was greatly affecting the Battle outcome, so the effect's duration has been adjusted.

Shock Bullet (RMB-Skill)'s Knockback Distance Decreased by 20%

Dev Comments
Getting close to Murdock was difficult due to the long range of the Push effect.
The range of the Push effect has been adjusted to make tracking Murdock more doable.

Boost Mobility (E-Skill)'s Dash Distance Decreased by 20%

Dev Comments
The long range of Dash made it difficult for melee Heroes to catch up, or for other Heroes to run away.
The Dash distance has been adjusted so that others can manage to catch up or run away.

Ironclad Wall (E-Skill)'s Shield Spawn Duration Adjusted

  • Before: 6 sec
  • Now: 4 sec

Dev Comments
Steel's Ironclad Wall (E-Skill) at Level 5 could be placed frequently
due to its short cooldown and 6 sec duration, much to the disadvantage of heroes with projectiles.
As a result, the Shield duration has been adjusted to prevent it from being spawned so frequently.

The Reloading Speed of Mortal Shot (RMB-Skill) When Attack Speed Is 1.8 Adjusted

  • Before: 0.37 sec
  • Now: 0.85 sec

Dev Comments
When Revenant's Attack Speed was at 1.8 or higher, the speed of the reloading animation was very fast.
Due to this advantage, his performance is notably better than other Rangers. To help with this issue, his animation speed has been adjusted.

Synchronizer (RMB-Skill) Range Adjusted

  • Before: 14m
  • Now: 15m

Synchronizer (RMB-Skill)'s Delinking Range Adjusted

  • Before: 16m
  • Now: 17m

Dev Comments
Synchronizer (RMB-Skill) had a shorter Basic Attack range compared to other Rangers' skills, which made it easy for opponents to delink from Phase.
The skill's range has been adjusted to match its Basic Attack range, allowing the skill to have a higher chance of Pulling an enemy hero.

Phantom Dance (E-Skill) Skill Effect Adjusted

  • Before: Increased Movement Speed
  • Now: Recovers HP in proportion to damage dealt by (E-Skill) - 3%/5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%

Dev Comments
Phantom Dance (E-Skill)'s Movement Speed boost didn't synergize well with Shinbi's other skills. The skill also was not useful or effective in combat or the Jungle Lane.
In addition, because her skills were designed to perform at melee distance, Shinbi's ability to survive was rather weak.
To supplement this weakness, the skill's effect has been adjusted. It now has a Health Recovery effect that can be used in any situation.

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Source: Netmarble, Steam

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