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A cute girl born with a superpower. She used to only use her power to drive out local thieves. After an awakening, she joined a superhuman organization called Flares. She uses telekinesis to block the enemy's vision and distract them. She is always a reliable ally on the battlefield. She believes she is the greatest and is confident she will become the superhero who saves humanity.

Hero Base Stats

assets/img/icons/stats/physical-power.webpPhysical Power
assets/img/icons/stats/magical-power.webpMagical Power
assets/img/icons/stats/attack-speed.webpAttack Speed
assets/img/icons/stats/physical-defense.webpPhysical Defense
assets/img/icons/stats/magical-defense.webpMagical Defense
Phase is a powerful telepath, who manipulates energy waves to protect her allies. A well known music aficionado, Phase scoured Omeda for talent and discovered Shinbi, guiding the singer in a rise to fame. Phase is all about getting allies out of bad situations, and turning the tide of battle. In teamfights, you can easily move your link to whoever needs it the most. Attaching your link to an ally with hard engage could create opportunities for you to blind and disorient several enemies. Know your limits when playing Phase. If you try to dive too deep to save an ally, it could result in your death.

Phase Abilities


Flash Burst

Explodes the energy surrounding the hero and an enemy hero linked with Synchronizer, dealing 96(85+60%) Magical Damage and Blinding enemies within range for 1 sec.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 85/135/175/225/275


Damage 60%


Mana Costs 65
Cooldown 10/9.5/9/8.5/8

Light Flux

Continuously fires supernatural energy for 2.5 sec to deal 11(10+5%) Magical Damage per hit. Slows enemies hit multiple times by 15% for 1 sec. When Slow stacks 10 times, enemies are Rooted for 1.5 sec.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 8/11/14/17/20


Damage 5%


Mana Costs 80/90/100/110/120
Cooldown 14

Super Explosion

Explodes the energy surrounding the hero and an enemy hero linked with Synchronizer, Pushing nearby enemies and dealing 275(260+80%) Magical Damage.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 260/340/420


Damage 80%


Mana Costs 100
Cooldown 120/105/90

Shooting Energy

Fires a supernatural energy sphere to deal 57 Physical Damage to enemies.

Base ValuesBase Values



Damage 100%


Cooldown Attack Speed/s


Links the hero to an enemy hero to deal 15(12+15%) Magical Damage per sec and recover the hero's Health by a portion of the Damage. Using the skill again while linked to an enemy hero Pulls the enemy hero towards the hero. The Synchronizer link lasts up to 25 sec, and ends if the enemy hero moves a certain distance away.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 12/16/20/24/28
Recovery 12/16/20/24/28


Damage 15%
Recovery 15%


Mana Costs 40 (+6/8/10/12/14)
Cooldown 20/19/18/17/16