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Winter Holiday Surprise Gift!

Greetings, Warriors!

It's Paragon: The Overprime.

For fun snowy battles on the planet Prime, we have prepared a Winter Holiday Event! Please see below for details!

Winter Holiday Surprise Reward Details

1. Event Period

December 24th, 2022 (Sat) 00:00 - December 26th, 2022 (Mon) 00:00 (KST, UTC+9)

2. Event Info

Reward available for all Warriors who log in during the event period!

3. How to Participate

Simply log in during the Winter Holiday Event period to claim your reward from the Post Box!

4. Event Reward

2,500 Renar

  • The reward can only be claimed once during the event period.
  • Mail that is deleted after the event is over cannot be recovered.
  • The reward can only be claimed during the event period.

Celebrate the winter holidays with us on the planet Prime!

Thank you

Source: Netmarble, Steam

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