The Fey

The Guardian of the Fountain

Controller Burst Sieger Guardian

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The guardian fairy of the Fountain of Wisdom in Euphera Forest on Etanus. She uses natural resources like vines and seeds to wield the power of the forest to Root enemies and deal damage over time. She traveled to the center of the galaxy with the intent of punishing those who destroyed the forest and reviving the spring. She is ready to risk her own life for the sake of the forest.

Hero Base Stats

assets/img/icons/stats/physical-power.webpPhysical Power
assets/img/icons/stats/magical-power.webpMagical Power
assets/img/icons/stats/attack-speed.webpAttack Speed
assets/img/icons/stats/physical-defense.webpPhysical Defense
assets/img/icons/stats/magical-defense.webpMagical Defense
The Fey is a ranged support who brings dynamic utility to the battlefield. Using the power of nature itself, the Fey utilizes her powerful area control abilities to disrupt enemy movement. Look for opportunities to combo Ultimates with your allies. Fly Trap followed up by a Shield Slam can easily neutralize enemies and allow your team to get the upper hand in fights. Be a force of nature the enemy can't overcome and take over Agora.

The Fey Abilities


Forest's Wind

Throws a bunch of vines in a straight line that grows for 3.5 sec. The bunch of vines increases the Movement Speed of allies within range by 40% and deals 47(45+8%) Magical Damage to enemies per sec.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 30/40/50/60/70


Damage 8%
Movement Speed 40%


Mana Costs 80
Cooldown 11

Forest's Warning

Throws a magical seed, dealing 87(70+80%) Magical Damage. Using the skill on an enemy hero recovers all Mana used to cast it.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 70/100/130/160/190


Damage 80%


Mana Costs 60
Cooldown 6

Forest's Judgment

Throws sticky plants at a selected location and makes them grow. The mature plants Pull the enemies toward the center, dealing 333(320+60%) Magical Damage.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 220/300/380


Damage 60%


Mana Costs 100
Cooldown 130/120/110

Forest's Tears

Throws a seed to deal 57 Physical Damage to enemies.

Base ValuesBase Values



Damage 100%


Cooldown Attack Speed/s

Forest's Will

Throws vines at a selected location that grow for 3.95 sec and Slow enemies within range by 40%. The vines deal 41(40+5%) Magical Damage every 1 sec. Lastly, the vines deal 41(30+50%) Bonus Magical Damage when they disappear.

Base ValuesBase Values

Damage 35/40/45/50/55
Bonus Damage 30/35/40/45/50


Damage 5%
Bonus Damage 50%


Mana Costs 70/80/90/100/110
Cooldown 14